EqualStake - Cardano staking pool
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EqualStake Pool

-The Cardano Staking Pool for Everyone-

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About Us

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to invest into and stake Cardano. We finally decided to found our own stake pool as we do not want Cardano Staking to be dominated by large investors. Therefore we do not charge any pool fees. We want to enable normal citizens to invest their money in crypto currencies and make a profit!

EqualStake - Cardano staking pool
Our Top Principles
German Quality

Quality made in Germany with highly secure servers located in Germany!


Our website runs on 100 % green electricity and our servers are based in a green data center!

Our intention is to offer a stake pool for everyone,  no matter how high your staking amount!

Gender Equality

We want to achieve equality in every way. Our team has a female quota of 50%!

Our team consists of highly experienced software developers and engineers to create the best user experience for you!
0 % Fees

Our staking pool is completely free so that you can stake your whole cardano without compromising!


Your coins are 100% safe as they always stay in your wallet!

100 % Rewards

In our stake pool with 0% fees you have guaranteed rewards of 5% per year! Because of that it is an easy way to invest and increase your crypto!

More about Cardano
Video with a simple explanation of what Cardano actually is

Video about Cardano's Africa Project by IOHK

What is Cardano?

Cardano is an open-source-blockchain project that was developed by experienced scientists and engineers. It can be used worldwide to execute financial applications and payments and to send and receive digital money (crypto). Cardano guarantees fast, direct and cryptographically secured transfers. This blockchain's currency is named ADA. Cardano also wants to operate decentralised applications (dApps) in the future. The main goal is to operate financial applications that can be used daily by millions of users. It is possible that Cardano can enable financial freedom to millions of people in the future, who don't have access to financial services yet.

Is my ADA safe in the stake pool?

Your money is completely safe in the stake pool. Stake pools never have access to your funds or rewards. Your funds always stay in your wallet and you always have access to them. "No keys, no crypto." One can only get access to your wallet and funds with the 15 - words - key.

What does it cost to stake my money in your pool?
How does staking work?

Every ADA represents a stake in the Cardano network. The more ADA you hold, the more stake you get. Your stake is used in the stake pool to verify transactions by "Proof of Stake". It is used to validate who can mine or validate blocksand receive the corresponding rewards. You as a stake pool user have the ability to earn part of the rewards by staking your ADA in our stake pool. The amount of profit you get depends on the amount of ADA you stake. The more ADA you stake, the more rewards you get. The stake pool gets a reward everytime a block is found. The rewards are then divided among the users depending on the amount of ADA you stake.

Is my ADA locked when I delegate it to a stake pool?
No! You are free to withdraw your ADA at any time without costs.